Charitably Joules

At Joules we have a great history of supporting our local communities and we have established a number of partnerships and friendships over the years with a variety of charities.

Our support for our charity partners ranges from fundraising to designing and selling products to raise money on their behalf. Supporting our local communities in this way is at the heart of our brand and we are constantly striving to achieve even more.

We’re incredibly passionate about our charity partners, let us tell you why.



The Prince's Trust

We’re delighted and proud to partner with The Prince’s Trust, supporting the Enterprise Programme in Leicestershire. 

Working with unemployed young people, aged 18 to 30 in the Leicestershire area, the enterprise programme aims to help turn big ideas into a business reality. From training and mentoring support to funding and resources, The Prince's Trust works with its budding entrepreneurs every step of the way to work out if their business ideas are viable and whether self-employment is right for them.

You can read more about The Prince's Trust Enterprise Progamme here.

The British Beekeepers Association

Did you know that one-in-three mouthfuls of the food we eat is dependent on pollination? And that the world’s honey bee population is dwindling.

Our strong connection with the outdoors means we are dedicated to its promotion and protection. Bees play a vital role in our environment’s delicate balance so it was natural that we would offer our help. Therefore we have established a thriving partnership with the British Beekeepers Association and their Friends of the Honey Bee initiative. Our best-selling bee print wellies are a great example of this exciting collaboration.

Find out more about The British Beekeepers Association and their vital work here.




Nuzzlets is a fantastic grassroots charity that not only provides a loving home for unwanted animals, but also provides free access for young people with disabilities, special needs and life-threatening illnesses to visit the centre for animal assisted therapy and education.

The vital work they do assists these young people in improving their motor skills, enhancing communication, raising self-esteem, reducing anxiety and loneliness and providing interaction with others. We are extremely proud to have supported Nuzzlets great work for a number of years through sales of our fun applique tops.

We create smiles and memories,
we laugh, play and have fun


Find out more about Nuzzlets and their work here.


Farms For City Children

Farms for City Children is a charity that offers city children the opportunity to experience life on a working farm in the heart of the countryside. Through its amazing work, it supports children’s learning, raises self-esteem and enriches young lives, providing a safe and welcoming setting where children and their teachers together get involved for a whole week in the working life of a real farm with real farmers

This is a charity close to our heart, so we were delighted to partner with them, and with vice president of Farms for City Children, Sir Quentin Blake, whose exclusive illustrations for the charity we turned into a print. Look out this year for a fun new Little Joule applique top, to help continue our fundraising efforts. 

You can find out more about Farms for City Children and their unique work here.