We have a family of enthusiastic and creative people who are committed to delivering the best quality, value and service for our customers and who live and breathe our values every day.

Our Joules family continues to grow and with it, so does our focus on recruiting, retaining and developing the best possible people, as well as maintaining and enhancing the working environment and culture which we are so proud of at Joules.

We continue to develop our employee offering, expanding existing areas as well as launching several new programmes.

Supporting Local Communities

Volunteering is encouraged for all our employees as it plays an important role in supporting our charity partners and local communities and is valuable experience for the individual or teams that volunteer.

We're proud to work with local charity, Leicestershire Cares on a range of local volunteering initiatives, allowing us the opportunity to further our commitment in this area and to provide valuable support to local projects needing help.

During the last year over 100 employees took part in volunteering activity through individual and team initiatives and we were proud to win the Leicestershire Cares ‘Outstanding Contribution to Community Development’ award for our work volunteering in the local community.

Equal opportunities

We are an equal opportunities employer and give full and fair consideration to employment applications regardless of race, gender and/or disability, having regard to an applicant’s aptitudes and abilities. We also strive to provide ongoing training, career development and promotion opportunities for all employees. In the unfortunate event that an employee should become disabled we are committed to continuing their employment and for arranging appropriate training.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Here at Joules we have a family of incredibly valued colleagues. We are committed to ensuring that all our team members, regardless of gender, receive the same support and opportunities to progress, develop and enjoy a rewarding career with us. We recently published our gender pay gap information (gender pay gap is the difference between our male and female mean and median salaries across the whole organisation).  The fact that a gender pay gap exists at Joules is, we believe, due to the structure of our business rather than any inequality in how we pay men and women for doing the same role. We continue to look at ways that we can evolve and improve these results. You can read our Gender Pay Gap Report here.