A love of the countryside is, and always has been, at the heart of the Joules brand.

We’re all about creating meaningful products inspired by nature and the changing seasons, all perfect for enjoying the great outdoors or cosy indoors – needless to say, respecting and considering the environment that we constantly draw inspiration from is fundamental to our business.

We are proud that Joules clothes are known for their high durability and quality, providing many years of use and often being passed-on or handed-down. This is particularly relevant when some reports suggest that nearly two-thirds of clothing created by the retail industry overall end up in incinerators or landfill within a year of being produced.

We invest significant time in identifying our environmental impacts across our business and work to identify potential actions to reduce them. We know we’re not perfect and are continually working to better our position, make progress and contribute to positive change. Some of our current priorities include: