Every second the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill (Ellen MacArthur Foundation) we recognise that we must play a role in reinventing fashion to solve this problem.

Therefore we must ensure our clothes are used more, designed to be made again and made from recycled or renewable materials. Extending the life of our garments and reusing or recycling them into new products is fundamental to achieving a circular fashion system, which in turn is essential to achieving our sustainability ambitions.

Don’t Let Good Taste Go To Waste

The most sustainable thing you can do is make your clothes last – you’ve got great taste, don’t let that go to waste! We’re committed to sharing great ideas with our customers to …

Our clothes are designed to last. We create timeless styles that won’t ever go out of fashion so you can wear them season after season.

We ensure our clothes are great quality and will last wash after wash. Caring for our clothes and extending their life can have a big impact on our planet, visit our Joules Journal here for more tips on how to care for your Joules items.

Extending the life of our clothing from one to two years decreases their carbon footprint by 24% - even more reason to make your favourites last longer. Sometimes a small repair is all it takes to breathe new life into your much-loved pieces, or even add a new twist with a patch!

There’s no need to ever simply dispose of your clothes and add them to landfill. Our clothes are made to be hand-me-down worthy, so pass them on if you can.

If you’ve definitely reached the end of the road with your items just pop them into one of our in-store recycling boxes and our recycling partner Oxfam will be able to give them another life.

Textile Recycling

We want to do all we can to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment, and waste is a big issue.

We have been working hard to put processes in place to ensure that the clothing we cannot resell, including returned and faulty items, does not go to waste. We always aim to use channels that can reuse garments before working our way down to recycling, ensuring the most sustainable routes are prioritised.

Partnering with Oxfam

‘Don’t Let Good Taste Go to Waste’ in partnership with Oxfam gives you the chance to give clothes a second chance and increase their lifespan. Simply pop in store, ask a member of staff to show you to one of our drop-off points where you can leave all the clothes and footwear you want to donate. You can drop off clothes from any brand and even wellies too!

From there, the donations will be collected from each store and taken by Oxfam where they will be sorted to be resold in one of Oxfam’s many charity shops, or sent to Oxfam’s Wastesaver Centre where they will be recycled into new materials. When you donate to Oxfam you can be sure that nothing will go to landfill!

Every garment that goes on to be sold in an Oxfam charity shop raises money to fight poverty around the world. One dress could raise enough money to buy drought-resistant seeds for a family to keep growing food despite a changing climate.