By the end of 2022, we’re aiming that all our packaging will be made from more sustainable materials.

We plan to achieve this by…

  • 100% of in-house designed paper and card packaging to be FSC certified or recycled and recyclable by end of 2020
  • 100% of in-house designed plastic packaging to contain recycled content and be recyclable by end of 2021
  • 100% of all in bound & out bound packaging to meet the same requirements as our in-house designed packaging by end of 2022

We are really proud of the progress we have made to reduce and change our product packaging to be more sustainable. However, we know that it’s not just what’s on the product that matters, it’s also how you receive it. We don’t want you to be disappointed by any unnecessary or unsustainable packaging you may receive with our Joules products, so we are working hard to ensure that all packaging throughout our supply chain meet the same strict criteria we have met for our product packaging. We know this may take some time to achieve, but we are committed to making these changes for a better future.

We have also worked really hard to minimise our plastic packaging, however where in some cases we're yet to find the right alternative we are committed to continually reviewing this usage and implementing circular solutions to reuse and recycle plastics within our operations.

Packaging Progress & Innovation

In 2018, we launched our colourful and distinctive ‘Hello Sugar’ GreenPE mail bags in partnership with Duo UK, for our e-commerce customer orders.

GreenPE is the world’s first plastic to come from a renewable source. Made from 100% sustainably grown sugarcane, the material is also renewable, recyclable and carbon negative. What’s even more exciting is that the bag is made and printed in the UK. By using GreenPE material, Joules are supporting ‘closed-loop’ recycling systems, as well as reducing our reliance on oil-derived plastics which are harmful for the environment.

In just one year of using these bags we were able to save the same amount of Co2 as a car going around the world 30 times!
*Based on volume of GreenPE packaging products delivered by Duo UK to Joules in calendar year 2019.

Garmet Polybags

Did you know... all our garment polybags are now made from 100% recycled and recyclable LDPE.

Carriers Bags

We have removed all plastic carrier bags from our stores and offer three options to our customers:

Recycle Me: Our paper twist bag is FSC certified and fully recyclable.

Reuse Me: Our iconic British Countryside landscape gift bags are made from FSC certified paper and are designed with gifting in mind.

Keep Me: Customers can invest in our 'bag for life’ in partnership with the Woodland Trust and in doing so donate £1 to the charity and support their vital work.

Gift Cards

All Joules gift cards are made from FSC certified materials and are fully recyclable. So you can feel even happier about the gift your giving!